5 Tips to Winning Over Younger Audiences 


Having trouble charming younger audiences with your brand’s marketing and advertising? We get it. Younger demographics are a challenging group to market to. These digitally native users have shorter attention spans, high expectations of authentic connection and communication, and skepticism towards advertising. But building meaningful connections with your younger audience doesn’t have to be challenging, check out our 5 critical tips to help connect your brand with young adults in your marketing efforts.  


1. Go Digital 

At the Hyve, digital is our jam. Younger audiences are immune to traditional advertising efforts. In fact, almost 90% of millennials say they distrust traditional ads. Break tradition and market to them on the platforms they’re already on, social media is a must. Keep in mind that younger audiences are streaming video and audio like never before, adopt digital platforms that highlight these when trying to reach younger users. 


2. Leverage Market Research 

Which platforms and tactics will make up your digital marketing strategy? Avoid taking a wild guess. Tap into consumer data before making decisions around where you spend your marketing dollars. Utilizing market research will help you find out where younger audiences spend time, what they like, and what motivates them. Use these findings to build your digital strategy. 


3. Mobile-First Mindset 

Younger audiences are spending most of their digital time on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Adopting a mobile-first mindset should be your first consideration when crafting a visual and creative strategy. Opt for more vertical content that takes up more space on a phone, ads and websites should be optimized to live in the mobile world. 


4. Thumb-Stopping Visuals 

Social media is a war zone, we’re constantly battling for users’ attention. Stop younger audiences from scrolling with bright, bold designs. Prioritize images and symbols over words, embrace video, and add motion to images if video production is not in your budget.  


5. Authenticity Wins 

Once you’ve stopped thumbs with enticing visuals, it’s all about authenticity. Younger audiences are expecting brands to be more human; they want to connect and be heard. They value transparency and honesty. They want to know you’re impacting the world economically, environmentally and humanly. So, pull back the curtains on the good and bad of your brand and be sincere with your messaging. Respond to comments and create meaningful connections with young people. 


Not only reaching, but connecting with a younger audience is entirely possible if the right steps are taken. Meet them where they are and be authentic in your messaging. For more digital marketing tips, contact us today! 

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