5 Steps To Improve Your PPC Ads Performance

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PPC marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to execute your digital marketing when done right. By paying for only people that physically click on your ad, this low-funnel tactic allows you to get more qualified leads for your budget. But are you taking full advantage of your campaigns and getting max ROI? Here are the top 5 things you can do now to improve your PPC ad performance.

1. Create A Landing Page


If you are running a PPC campaign, you should consider creating a specific landing page for your campaigns. Creating the right landing page can lead to a better user experience. The more relevant your PPC ads are to the landing page, the better the quality score Google will give to your ads, and the better they will perform. Not only will you see an improvement of your quality score with a unique landing page, but you will likely have higher conversions on the landing page itself. 

Quick tips for a good landing page:

  • Make sure the goals of the landing page and the ads align. If your ad talks about landscaping services, your landing page should be dominated by descriptions of your landscaping services, pictures of past projects, reviews, and more.
  • Consider adding social proof to your landing pages. This could be reviews from previous customers, awards you have won for your products or services, or endorsements.
  • Add a CTA to the landing page. Make the action you want your user to take obvious. If you want them to contact you, leave a form fill directly on the page with an arrow pointing. If you want them to call you, emphasize the phone number on the page.


2. Test Ad Copy


In PPC ads, the copy is likely the driving factor behind a click. That’s why its so important to test out different copy and see what resonates better with your audience. Using the exact keywords in the headlines tends to give a higher quality score and perform better with users.


3. Check Search Terms


A search term is simply what someone searched for your ad to show up. You can continuously monitor search terms and add them to your campaign as keywords or add as negative keywords. This brings us to our next point; you should always be adding negative keywords to your campaign. Adding negative keywords can improve your campaigns drastically. Let say someone searches for “gutter cleaners near me,” and you are looking to push your landscaping services; you can avoid paying for someone searching for gutters from clicking on your ad by using negative keywords.


4. Utilize Extensions


If you don’t already, utilize extensions. You can add different pages to your website and add more information about your brand without the user ever having to click. This gives extra brand awareness and more opportunity for users to click through to your page. Various extensions work best for different goals, and we break them down below:

Types of extensions:

  • Location extensions – Exactly what it sounds like, location extensions show users where your business is located. This is best used when you want to increase foot traffic at your physical location. 
  • Affiliate location extensions – Similar to location extensions, affiliate extensions can be used to show what retail locations sell your product. 
  • Call extensions – If your goal is to get more customers to contact you directly, add a call extension. This allows someone to directly click on your phone number from your ad and call you immediately.
  • Callout extensions – Add more tidbits of information about your company with callout extensions. This is a great place to add information that would encourage people to convert. Add information like “24-hour customer service” or “free parking.”
  • Sitelink extensions – Give users a greater opportunity to click. Let’s go back to the landscaping example. If someone is searching for gutter cleaning, but your ad is about landscaping, they might select the “services” sitelink extension in your ad. It’s a win-win in this situation, you offer gutter cleaning services, and they had the opportunity to seek it out on your page.
  • Structured snippet extensions – Adding structured snippets to showcase the features of your company. For example, you can add services and list different services you offer after.  
  • Price extensions – Price extensions allow you to add the prices of your product right to your ad, allowing for a seamless user experience.  
  • App extensions – Use app extensions to encourage people to download your app.
  • Lead form extensions – Finally, we have lead form extensions where users can fill out a lead form directly from your ad without ever having to click through to your landing page.


5. Work With A PPC Expert

The easiest way to improve your PPC ads is to contact digital marketing experts. Not only do PPC agencies have experience and knowledge across countless industries, but they also have access to one-on-one platform support and the latest updates in PPC marketing.


Digital Hyve has managed over 20 million dollars in ad spend over the last 6 years and have mastered PPC marketing for countless clients across various industries. If you are interested in a free strategy session, contact our experts today!


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