5 Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using to Reach Last Minute Holiday Shoppers


Holiday shoppers can be categorized into 4 types: Early bird shoppers, steady shoppers, Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers, and last minute shoppers. There is undoubtedly an overlap between the different types, but for the most part, people can be easily categorized into one of the 4 categories for when they do most of their shopping. Now that the early birds have gotten the worm, the steady shoppers are wrapping up, and the Black Friday madness is over, our focus turns to the procrastinators.


Don’t judge. You’ve likely been guilty of hopping on Amazon two days before an important event, praying to the Prime gods that they live up to their promise of two-day shipping. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, there is a target audience of last minute shoppers out there waiting, and with the holiday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get their attention. Below we’ve provided 5 marketing ideas to help you reach this audience, and boost your sales in the process.


1.     Make the most of your AdWords campaign

We’ve already covered how a campaign in AdWords can be a quick and effective way to do some holiday marketing, but there are some points worth reiterating. During the holiday season, brand searches become even more important. It’s a good idea to be bidding on competitor brand names—and even your own in this case—so you’ve covered all the bases. The last thing you want is another brand showing up instead of yours when someone types your business’s name in the search bar. This is also when you should consider upping your budget so you can bid high enough to compete with your competitors.


Besides brand and specific product keywords, you should also add more all-encompassing keywords having to do with gifts. Think about it—last minute shoppers are crunched for time, and often have no idea what they want to get. They’ll be turning to search engines for answers, typing in things like “best gift ideas” “the perfect gift for mom” or “budget friendly Christmas gifts.” By adding in more long tail keywords like these, you’ll be helping someone out and gaining the attention of a potential customer. While you’re at it, make sure your website is mobile friendly. According to Google, 64% of shoppers turn to their smartphone to search for gift ideas. If they click through your ad only to find a disorganized, slow loading website they won’t be sticking around for long.


2.     Revisit your remarketing lists

Even the most loyal of customers can fall into the last-minute shoppers category. If you’ve done any remarketing, you’ll already have a list on hand of those who have visited your site in the past and are familiar with your brand. Hone in on those more likely to make a purchase now that the clock is ticking, and create custom audiences to remarket to.


You may want to exclude those who have already made a recent purchase or anyone who left your site immediately. However, you can build an audience around those who have shown interest in your products, or even visited gift or holiday related pages of your website. By building a list geared towards an audience more likely to respond to a remarketing ad and make a purchase, you’ll be able to get the most out of your allocated budget.


3.     Incorporate urgency into your advertising messaging

Since shoppers are already feeling rushed, sometimes all it takes is another reminder that time is limited to push them to their final decision of making a purchase. If you’re offering deals like free shipping or have certain items on sale for a limited time, let potential customers know in your ad messaging, and play it up. Phrases like “for a limited time” “while supplies last” or “free shipping ends tomorrow, don’t miss out!” may give a shopper the last nudge they need to be convinced. FOMO (fear of missing out) is definitely a thing—and it isn’t just limited to experiences. This is the time of year to capitalize on that feeling.


4.     Sound off on social media

Make the most of your presence on social media. While campaigns often need to be thought out ahead of time, it doesn’t take long to throw together ideas for a fun holiday countdown, promote a flash sale or gift cards if you offer them, or feature gift ideas. No matter which route you choose for some holiday fun and promotion, now is definitely not the time to be dormant on social media. Even spreading some holiday cheer can go a long way. These things help keep your business top of mind for potential last minute customers.


5.     Seek out your social influencers

If you have social influencers, now is the time to work with them! Influencers help make your brand more relatable. Your potential customers can see a real person putting your products to use, and hear their opinion on what the product brings to their life, giving your brand real credibility. At this late stage of the holiday season, this type of credibility may be all someone needs to be convinced that your product will be the perfect addition to a friend or relative’s life. Another bonus? An influencer helps you expand your audience, reaching those who may not be direct followers of your page, meaning more potential customers (and followers) down the line.


Looking for more marketing ideas? Luckily we use our cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking all year around—not just for the holiday season. Feel free to contact us! We’re here to help you create a meaningful brand experience for your customers.


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