5 Marketing Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

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If you are looking to boost your digital marketing results but don’t necessarily have the extra time to dedicate to take your strategy to the next level? Not to worry, our 6 years in digital marketing have taught us a few hacks that can make your life easier. 


1. Add Animation

A quick way to create thumb-stopping content is to add some animation to your digital marketing tactics. Animations can be as small as moving stickers, to as big as a full-blown youtube series. A quick and easy way to add animation across your platforms is by adding stickers to your Instagram stories, sharing funny gifs, and adding animated elements to ads through easy-to-use platforms like Canva. When it comes to your ads, conducting an A/B test with an animated ad vs. a static can help quickly determine what one works best for your brand. Some other places to consider adding in animation are your Facebook cover “photo,” website banners, and Tweets.


2. Boost Creative

If you are looking for high-end-level creative but don’t have the extra time to master an expensive design platform? Finding alternatives like Canva can add a designer look and feel for less time and money. With easy-to-use templates and pre-made sizing for almost any social media platform you can think of, Canva is a great way to make designer-grade ads with half the experience. The best part? Canva is free to use with the option to upgrade for specific features. 


3. Become Data-Driven

One of our favorite things about digital marketing is how measurable it is. With the proper tracking implemented on your website and ads, you can directly see your efforts’ results. By taking the time upfront to install tracking platforms and using UTM’s on your ads, you will be able to quickly see exactly how effective each ad is at getting you to your marketing goals and can save you precious ad spend by showing what ads are performing poorly. By tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts, you can optimize your tactics and continually get better results. 


4. Be Responsive

Let’s face it, mobile is the movement. With over 50% of all internet traffic coming from a mobile device, it’s imperative to your marketing efforts that your website is responsive. If you are unfamiliar with responsive web design, it simply means that your website will adjust and resize itself to a variety of screen sizes, making it a user-friendly experience no matter how they access it. 


5. Involve Your Customers

We all crave engagement, especially when it can help our businesses grow. Continually coming up with fresh, new content to post can be exhausting and time-consuming. Consider utilizing your own customers to generate the content for you. For example, if you are a restaurant and people often post pictures with your business as their location, and you find one that works with your brand, reach out to them and ask if you can share the image. When you have satisfied customers, don’t be afraid to ask them for reviews. Written or verbal testimonials are a great way to prove your business through peer review. Bonus, you can even use your new design skills to turn these testimonials into fun, sharable content with templates from Canva. 


When running a business, finding hacks to save you time and money is the difference between success and burnout. If these hacks we shared still aren’t cutting it, consider outsourcing your marketing and get access to agency resources, and higher returns on your investments. If you are looking for digital marketing services, reach out to our digital marketing experts here!


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