3 Tips to Better Connect with Customers  


It’s no secret that building meaningful connections with customers will boost sales, increase bookings, and help grow business. So how do you build  connections that convert? Keep reading to see our top 3 tips from our Account Service team.  


Exceed Expectations 

There is no such thing as meeting expectations, you can either miss the mark or exceed them. Better connections with customers means going the extra mile. This doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture, think the lollypop at the end of a doctor’s visit or the surprise sticker in the online order package. For us, it’s not waiting for the ask from our clients, it’s continuously optimizing our campaigns and proactively giving recommendations on how our clients’ marketing dollars can go further, and their campaign performance improve. 



A core way to build meaningful connections is to keep in contact, this is an important principal that can carry over from personal relationships to customer relationships. Having open lines of communication and multiple ways to contact your customer care team can help better connect you with your customer, nobody likes waiting hours on hold. Being thoughtful in your responses and offering clear solutions to customer questions can add trust to your relationship. For us at Digital Hyve, communication means keeping our clients involved in every step of the process, keeping them not only informed but also educated on the inner workings of their campaigns, helping drive better results.  


Share Your Values, and Mean It 

Values are increasing in importance across every level of the value chain. This means that employees are more deeply connected to customer values than ever before, and customers are looking to buy from brands that reflect and support their personal values. Does your audience know what your values are? As a business, it’s more important now than ever to vocalize a set of values and actively demonstrate how you are living out those values to both employees and customers alike. For Digital Hyve, this means acting on what we stand for; we have always put our Crew first and now are a 100% employee-owned company.  


Exceeding expectations, keeping open lines of communication, and living your values are all ingredients you need to build meaningful connections with your customers. If you are interested in talking more with our team about relationship building, contact us today!  

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