2023 Marketing Predictions For Small Businesses


2023 is right around the corner and 2023 marketing plans are underway. We connected with Butler/Till’s Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Ensign, to talk strategies for small businesses, current marketing trends and predictions for 2023. Learn the “what” and “how” behind implementing these strategies into your own marketing plan for the new year, keep reading. 



What marketing trends should small businesses be looking at now to prepare for 2023? 


While we have seen big growth in video over the last couple of years with a continued upward trend, audio is quickly gaining traction in the small business space. Podcast networks, streaming music platforms, there are so many options with audio to reach targeted users, organically and paid. 


We continue to see a rise of in-game advertising because of its wide reach for all kinds of users. Ranging from more traditional PC gamers to council gaming and user-friendly mobile apps, in-game advertising has many opportunities to catch the attention of targeted users. Choose between a simple banner or and interactive experience without spending more than traditional digital platforms like Google or Meta.   


Are there tactics that small businesses should pivot their time and budget from? 


While Facebook is not phasing out of the marketplace anytime soon, we are a long way from the one Facebook ad and done digital strategies. As apple continues to crackdown on tracking, Facebook has lost a lot of targeting capabilities forcing marketers to shift their dollars elsewhere. Our recommendation? Don’t eliminate Meta entirely but consider diversifying your strategy, there are other players to consider. 


What content should small businesses focus on for 2023?  


It’s simple, people want to see the brands that are connected to their values. This means that your content strategy should be reflective of who your small business is. Community involvement, charitable events, expectation of social issues, quality of product or work, a user should be able to look at your platforms and know what your values are. 


As we mentioned earlier, video is still on the rise in popularity. Consider adding more video content to your channels. Don’t get scared of high production costs and time inefficiencies, there are plenty of free apps and platforms that allow you to create everything from animations to full interactive videos all with just the internet and a few profiles. 


Biggest Advise for Marketers in 2023 


Understand where your marketing dollars are going. There are so many platforms out there and package deals that users will push. Understanding where your marketing dollars are going, the why behind it, and continuously measuring results is so important to ensure that you are getting the best quality advertising within your budget.  


As a small business, it might be difficult to invest budget across multiple platforms. While tactic recommendations vary from industry and business, generally we would recommend implementing search for 2023. With search, you are always going to only pay for those looking for your product or service, so less guessing and dollars wasted. 



Biggest prediction for 2023 marketing? 


We predict Amazon is going to quickly gain market share for local ad marketing. We’re seeing a future of Amazon right up there next to big players like Google and Meta. Currently, we are seeing opportunities for PPC ad options in beta. The interesting part? Businesses don’t even have sell on Amazon to run ads on the platform. This is something we will be keeping a close eye on in 2023. 


2023 is quickly approaching and as a digital marketing agency focused on delivering meaningful and measurable results for our clients, we’ve been looking into the latest predictions that will help our clients grow now—and set them up for long-term success. Our Crew of marketing experts continue to monitor, analyze, and report on new developments that will foster growth for our clients’ marketing strategies. Want to learn more about how you can best plan a 2023 marketing strategy? Let’s connect. 

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