10 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

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Maybe you are researching ad agencies for the first time, or perhaps you are unhappy with your current agency and want to see what else is out there. Taking the time to understand what you are looking to get out of a new digital marketing agency and asking the right questions before signing a contract might be the difference between a match made in heaven or a digital marketing dud. We’ve prepared 10 must-ask questions you should keep handy for your next ad agency meeting.


1. Have You Worked With My Industry Before?

Agencies can have years and years of experience, but different industries require different audiences, platforms, budgets, and overall strategies. An agency that has only specialized in a handful of industries is excellent for those specific clients. Still, if your company doesn’t fall into those categories, it might be time to look for an agency that does.


2. What Is Your Culture Like?

The culture of an agency might not seem like a big deal but ensuring their values align with yours is means for a great working relationship. A great company culture typically results in people who love their jobs and, in turn, will give you their best quality work. Remember to ask about company culture in your next agency vetting meeting.


3. How Does Your Reporting Work?

The star of the digital marketing show, reporting. How often will I get reports on my campaigns? Will the metrics being reported on match my marketing goals? Will the reports come to me in comprehensive materials? All these questions are important to ask about your reporting. The topic of reporting is a good place to ask specifics, if the agency can measure certain goals you are looking for.


4. What Services Do You Offer?

Whether you are new to digital marketing or have worked with agencies in the past, asking what services an agency offers is an obvious but necessary question. Some agencies focus on one part of digital marketing while others are full service. Depending on what marketing goals you are looking for, one or the other might work best for you.


5. What Services Are You Outsourcing?

Similar to the previous question, you might want to ask what services an agency will be outsourcing. For example, if you were to ask for traditional marketing but the agency only offers digital marketing, they might have a traditional agency they will work with to get you exactly what you need. Or maybe they work with a third-party company to deliver specific tactics for you. All these things are important to consider when selecting your agency.


6. What Team Will Be Working On My Account?

Agency structures will vary, but regardless it’s a great sign if you can meet the team working on your account. This includes not only your agency contact but the execution team, creative team, and more. Knowing the team that is directly responsible for your marketing and building a relationship with them can better help the agency understand your expectations, and you understand your campaigns’ ins and outs.


7. How Often Will I Get To Communicate With My Team?

Going off the last question, knowing the team and building a relationship with them takes time. Knowing how much communication and how often you will meet upfront is a benefit you should weigh when selecting your future agency.


8. What Credentials Do You Have?

The credentials of an agency often lead to greater perks for you. For example, if an agency is a Facebook Marketing Partner, they will have access to various perks from Facebook to help your campaigns dramatically. There are also Google Premier Partners, recognitions from certain publications, and additional awards that can solidify their successes.


9. Can I See Past Work?

If they are a great agency, they will have great work to show for it. Ask for case studies from past clients and review how the agency could accomplish other companies’ goals. Bonus points if they have case studies from your industry or tactics that you are looking to implement.


10. How Long Will It Take To See Results?

The answer to this question will vary from the tactics you will use. For example, if you are looking for SEO, the timeline will be drastically different from running paid ads. Talking with the agency will give you a good indication of how soon you will see direct results.


Trusting a digital marketing agency with your business is a big deal. Vetting several agencies and having these questions in your back pocket will help you feel confident in your decision. If you have more questions or are looking to talk to an agency about your digital marketing needs, contact Digital Hyve today!


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