More often than not, we hear people saying that organic content is “dying.” Statistics show that only 4% of your Facebook followers are seeing your brand’s organic posts. Although this is true, there are still many reasons why your organic content is valuable. Below, we’ve laid out just a few of the reasons why you should be supplementing your paid content with high-quality organic content.


1.     Compliments Your Page- Paid content is important because it drives customers to your page that may not have reached it otherwise. But, once a customer reaches your page, they aren’t going to stay on it if there isn’t any content there. This is where organic content comes in. You want customers who are led to your page by clicking on your paid content to have a good experience. You want to have photos, articles and videos for your users to interact with.

Without organic content, your paid content would not perform as well—they support each another. According to AdWeek, using both types of content on Facebook can pay off, leading to more growth and engagement: “Your paid Facebook efforts can inform your organic, and your organic strategies can enhance your paid campaigns.”


2.     Provides Trust and Authenticity- Visiting a brand’s social media account, and seeing organic content can create a more personal experience. This gives the brand the opportunity to talk about who they are and have a voice. Paid content is trying to sell something which can sometimes annoy users, whereas organic can look like a regular post and indirectly get conversions.


3.     Engagement- This is where organic content plays a huge role. Organic posts give customers the opportunity to comment to your brand and to other customers who are also talking about your brand. Positive feedback in your comment section is free and beneficial to your company.


4.     Cost-Effectiveness- Although today you need paid content to survive, it is cost effective to post organically as much as possible. Think of it as free publicity and free interactions with your audience.


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