We’re now in 2017 and January is almost completely behind us. We’re already looking at new trends in business, from what the trends of 2016 can tell us about the future and what we’ve already experienced in the first few weeks of the year. This year has already seen massive events happen, and social media has already been ablaze with new hashtags, memes and viral ideas that businesses will more than likely utilize in the coming months.


For now, it’s time to look at some recent social media trends in the context of business. How can they be utilized not just on personal accounts, but on business accounts that tweet and post for success? HubSpot has listed seven trends that will change social media in 2017 — here are a few we’d like to personally keep an eye on.




Live Video is Going to Dominate


HubSpot lists off two very important stats related to live video streaming right off the bat:



Of course statistic data is limited to sample size and audience pool demographics, but consider this: 43% is still almost half of marketers. Even giving a margin of error, that’s a lot of marketers who believe live video is the way to go this year.


With tools like Facebook Live and Periscope available for the entire year of 2017, we’re going to see more and more data come out about how these services are being used. Accurate data is key in assessing how big a trend will get, so look forward to reports on live video’s success in social media business realms around April; the end of Q1.


Businesses may have a difficult time figuring out how to use livestreaming if it doesn’t automatically appeal to their business nature, but it can be done. If your business has something important to reveal or discuss, don’t just send out a press release — live video is the key to amping up hype.


Time Limited Content Will Continue


A sense of urgency has been used as a sales tactic for years now, and social media heightens that intensity with websites featuring virtual countdown clocks and instant reminders of sale deadlines. Social media works in the same way, and apps like Snapchat and Instagram have proven it time and time again.


If you remember, there was a bit of outrage after Snapchat first came out. Providing users with time-sensitive photo sharing options, many believed it would be the ultimate tool for lewd and lascivious behavior. Now it’s on almost every teenager’s phone and is becoming a branding tool for bonafide, Fortune 500 companies. Instagram’s newer venture into ephemeral content has also proved to be extremely successful.


Will existing social media outlets implement more features like this? Or will new apps emerge that take this trend to new heights? Businesses will be able to use these features either way by utilizing their time-sensitive nature to push sales, funneling customers to their website.


Ecommerce Will Reign Supreme


Many established brands do like funneling online customers into their virtual stores, but there’s always been an understanding that they do like their content to also persuade clients to visit their actual brick-and-mortar locations too. Now that social media platforms like Instagram are including purchase links attached to sponsored content, there’s bigger incentive than ever to move customers away from “IRL” purchasing and into virtual stores.


More and more brands are realizing the power of ecommerce despite being established brick-and-mortar businesses. Those sales that wouldn’t happen otherwise, like someone being awake at 3AM because of their work schedule and wanting to go clothes shopping, now happen online easier than ever. Calls to action are coming from social media more than tangible circulars these days, and stores are taking notice. In short, 2017 will be the year of “Buy Now” advertisements.


These are only three of the projected trends of 2017 and how businesses are going to be able to utilize them — some more obviously than others. We look forward to seeing what other social media trends 2017 brings and how we can best advise you on utilizing them within your own business.


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