Here at Digital Hyve, search engine marketing is one of our specialties, so we need to keep up with all the latest trends. Here’s a little update for you:


Google is currently thriving, making a switch over to its new AdWords platform on July 10th, 2018. This platform offers new features such as: Outstream video ads, affiliate location extensions for YouTube, and a feature to save time and write fewer ads (source). As a Certified Google Partner, we are excited to use these new features in the upcoming months to optimize our campaigns for our clients.


Back in 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion (source). With this purchase, we knew something must be in store. Currently, there is buzz going around that Bing is going to allow advertisers to target specific LinkedIn audiences on their search network. This feature is not yet available, but it has been noted that it won’t be long before advertisers can utilize it.


This is a huge opportunity for Microsoft owned company Bing since B2B marketing to LinkedIn audiences can be used not only on the LinkedIn platform, but also through Bing’s search network with a lower CPC (cost-per-click) to benefit smaller businesses. It will be interesting to see how this will affect Bing, since Google will not have the capability to target LinkedIn audiences any time soon because LinkedIn is Microsoft owned.


The battle between Google and Bing is ongoing with Google continuing to dominate the market. Bing only holds 33% of the search market and 9% worldwide (source). Despite this, the new feature has the potential to boost Bing’s usage. Only time will tell, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on once the feature is released.


Above: A graph showing the share of search queries handled by leading U.S. search engine providers as of April 2018 (Bing falls under Microsoft).


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