Visibility is a marketing asset that many business people take for granted. After all, how can you find new customers without widening your reach and boosting visibility? Social media gives marketers the potential to reach new customers, but it can be easier said than done.


Increasing visibility on each individual social site varies…in short, there may not be one tried and true method for gaining visibility, simply because all social sites have different functionalities and audiences. For instance, you wouldn’t go about growing visibility on a site like LinkedIn in the same way that you would Twitter.


To help you boost your own visibility, we’ve selected five social media marketing hotspots and included bite-sized guides that can help you find new customers and increase your business’s overall visibility on the world-wide web.


Here we’re covering these five social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.



  • First, know that Facebook is a very chatty social media platform. Unlike Instagram and Twitter, Facebook users are more likely to engage in dialogue here because of the site’s forum-like format. Engage Facebook likers and followers to build a better relationship with them. Engaged followers are more likely to share what you say.
  • Don’t use Facebook simply for text posts. Visual media formats like pictures and video do well on Facebook. This gives content an added “shareable” factor, leading to more shares and comments.
  • Allow for tagging. Facebook allows users to be tagged…but only if they go into their settings and select the feature that enables this. Simply go to Page Settings > General > Tagging Ability and tick the box that says “Tagging ability.” Now consumers can directly mention you and show you off on their own timeline.




  • With Twitter’s short form messaging, it’s easy to tease what content is about without actually revealing anything. Think of it as curiosity piquing. This kind of interest leads to more a higher click through rate, higher traffic stats and more visibility thanks to SEO.
  • Don’t feel like you’re spamming Twitter by posting the same content a few different times. Twitter is a very fast-moving social network, so a follower who is also looking at 5,000 other users on their timeline can easily miss what you have to say. Just switch things up each time and you’ll find you gain more visibility spacing tweets out.
  • Tweet content the average Internet user will find relevant or amusing. The point of this isn’t necessarily to add credibility to your business, but instead to get a retweetable piece of content floating around out there for the world to see.




  • We’ve beat this topic into the ground, but never forget: User Generated Content. UGC is big when it comes to gaining visibility. Not only can you host a piece of content on your own platform, the follower who created the piece also has that content on their Instagram. You then have a combined total of your followers and their followers that have now noticed your brand.
  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. We’d like to say that hashtags probably matter more on Instagram now than any other social site. Twitter’s search function works pretty well, hashtags not included, but Instagram digging relies almost solely on hashtags. Without a good hashtag strategy, say goodbye to business visibility.




  • First, it’s important that you rely on endorsements. You do this by giving a shout out to a friend, colleague or peer who has a skill worth mentioning. When you do endorse someone, they receive a notification about the event. This simultaneously fosters your bond while also giving them the opportunity to reciprocate, boosting your visibility.
  • Always make sure your professional summary is complete. LinkedIn even gives you advice on how to make your own professional summary incredible, so there’s no excuse for neglecting this part of your profile.
  • Just because B2B businesses and professionals should choose LinkedIn over other social platforms doesn’t mean this has to be a monogamous relationship. Link to your other social sites and encourage others to follow you elsewhere.




  • Stay active. Because Snapchat is a very bite-sized social media platform, you have to post regularly in order to give your audience a full serving of marketing content. Stay consistent and plan content well in advance so you never run out of ideas.
  • Snapchat filters exist for a reason. You may not find them “professional,” but utilizing Snapchat for marketing is more about humanizing a business and boosting visibility. In this case it’s okay to look silly.
  • Potentially, invest in a Geofilter. This gives people in a specific area access to a special Snapchat filter that you create. Some will use it, but anyone in your area on Snapchat will at least see it as an option — and that’s some great visibility.


Fostering visibility on social media isn’t that complicated. Our number one rule? Just keep working at it. There’s no quitting when it comes to keeping your brand visible. The more you try, the more you succeed.

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