Let’s level with each other for a second: the holidays are here and we’re all looking for as many ways as possible to save on money in order to buy all those gifts on our loved one’s wish lists. This time of year is when all of us, consumers and marketers alike, scrimp and save to get the most bangs out of all of our bucks.


An easy way to save more money on marketing is to seriously think about adding content repurposing to your marketing strategy. We’ve talked about this subject before, but here we want to give you six possible strategies for repurposing content right now. You’ll have some extra holiday cash to stow away AND some great new content for the New Year.




1. Creating Business Guides


People love a good guidebook. Whether it’s telling them how to accomplish a task or where to go in a new city, we love to be told what to do as a species (even if we don’t want to admit it). Being instructed and informed is easy, and that’s why informational ebooks and guides do so well for marketers around the world.


Guidebooks condense all of your great information into one perfect source, and all you need to pull this off are some old blogs you have lying around. Whether or not you want to sell your item as a blog collective or edit the blogs together somehow, you’ve got options to choose from.


2. Start Using Slides and Charts


Visual representations of data make crowds of consumers go wild. This idea comes from Wordstream: the next time you’re required to make a business presentation via a slideshow, turn those slides into new pieces of content. Infographics, charts, SlideShare presentations – these are all viable options.


However, this does require some work and not just a cut and paste job. Make sure that all the info you include is customer friendly and that you aren’t spilling internal company information.


3. Infographic Mania


The above strategy focuses on turning a PowerPoint presentation into an infographic – but if you work hard enough, anything can be an infographic. The great thing about infographics is that they’re easily sharable and have a very sophisticated air to them. If presented with a wall of text versus an infographic, which do you think a consumer would gravitate to more?


If you aren’t already focusing on infographics as a marketing method at least once a month, rethink your existing strategies. Infographics work and they also get picked up by blog aggregates like HubSpot for optimum visibility. It’s also not hard to do if you know where to look.


4. Twitter Breakdowns


Tweets essentially write themselves, but if you’ve ever had to schedule a bunch en masse then you know they’re the most tedious things in the world to create. Instead of starting from scratch, use this quick repurposing hack:


Find a recent blog post from your business blog and pull out 5-10 of the best sentences or quotes. Chop these down into tweets and then link to the blog using a link shortening service. You’re getting a new tweet and advertising your blog all at once.


5. Consider Audio


This can be for a voice over in a video series or a podcast you host on your blog. Creating a discussion people can listen to is an easy way for audiences to absorb information as they drive to work or relax at home. Take blogs that you’ve written in the past and repurpose them into something of a script with talking points. Sit down, start reading and chat away.


6. Statistics are Perfect for Repurposing


Have you ever found a great statistic that pertains to your business? Maybe it’s an in-house statistic that you found yourself? Now that you have it? Never let it go.


Whether you convert it into a text-only tweet or slap the text onto an image for Instagram posting, statistics are bite-sized and valuable pieces of information that you can use over and over again to drive a point home. This is one dead horse you can keep on beating.


A great idea? Start up a #StatsSaturday hashtag and share a great statistic you find on social media, along with some copy that starts a conversation.


Looking for more marketing ideas? Feel free to contact us! We’re here to help.