We’ve mentioned before how quickly the digital marketing industry moves. Reading up on the news is one way to keep track of all the latest trends, but sometimes life gets too hectic to be able to sit and scroll through multiple articles. If you’re trying to catch up on the news and learn about the most effective digital marketing strategies, but find that you’re short on time, lend an ear—because we have a solution.


Podcasts are a great (and typically free) way to learn about the latest trends and strategies that you could be implementing in your own marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for some extra inspiration and motivation, it’s as easy as downloading or subscribing to the podcast you’d like to listen to and then hitting “play” whenever the mood strikes.


These audio clips of info fit especially well into a busy life because they’re multitasker friendly. Getting ready for work in the morning or have a long commute? You can listen while picking out the perfect outfit, or while driving into the office. If you’re not a morning person—and require a dose of caffeine before becoming a fully functioning human being, consider using a podcast to unwind in the evening. Listen while cooking dinner, or out walking the dog.


There are a ton of podcasts to choose from when it comes to marketing—from funny and inspirational to the more informative and statistic-laden—and everywhere in between. Below we’ve chosen 5 podcasts that receive consistently good reviews (and that we enjoy listening to ourselves) so you can make the most of the time you have and start getting your knowledge on.


1)  Marketing Over Coffee

If you’re looking for a more analytic heavy podcast that still manages to be anything but dry and boring, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Christopher Penn and John Wall make being a “marketing nerd” a very good thing, bringing you the latest news and marketing information in a fun and casual way.


2)    This Old Marketing

At this point, every marketer should be familiar with the phrase “content marketing” and how they can utilize this strategy to better their own marketing campaigns. If you’re not sure that you can properly define what “content marketing” means, this podcast is a great place to start. A typical episode is a little under an hour, features real life examples of content marketing, and covers both positive and negative ways content marketing is being used


3)    Ask Gary Vee Show

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or lacking in motivation? Listen to Ask Gary Vee for 5 minutes and you’re almost guaranteed to feel more excited about conquering the day ahead. A high-energy serial entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk covers everything from social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more in his Q &A style podcast where he answers reader questions. As he says on his site, “you keep asking questions, and I’ll keep answering them!”


4)    Social Pros

If you specialize in social media marketing, or you simply want to learn more about it, the Social Pros podcast will deliver. The full title of this show is “Social Pros Podcast: Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media” and pretty much sums up what this podcast is all about. Each show has a guest to talk about the work they’re doing for actual companies, and even works in useful statistics with a social media stat of the week feature.


5)    Copyblogger.FM

If you want to learn how to create interesting copy that people will engage with, give Copyblogger.FM a listen. Even better, the brand has expanded to include an entire digital marketing podcast network called Rainmaker.FM where you can find other useful podcasts on subjects like SEO, content marketing, and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Give these a listen, and then pass the knowledge along to your friends and co-workers—better yet, recommend them to a new podcast. We’re all about knowledge acquisition here at Digital Hyve.





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