Many of us here at the Hyve are millennials and we spend a lot of time on Instagram (doesn’t everyone?). Instagram is one of the largest social media outlets and is absolutely booming with opportunity for marketers. We’re all constantly served ads by influencers without even noticing it, and so are you. Here’s the thing; marketing is all about building strong and trustworthy relationships with your consumers. Some brands struggle with this, and traditional marketers are constantly wondering how to build these relationships with younger generations.


Let’s start with a question: Why do millennials follow so many influencers? It begins with a hobby or an interest. For example, if you love cars you will probably follow someone who posts car content, or if you like beauty tips you will follow someone posting beauty content. It’s that simple. Once you hit the follow button, you spark a relationship. Influencers are smart, and they post as much content as possible. Being the follower, you get to follow this individual’s day-to-day life, even if they live across the world. Knowing so much about their life can make you feel as if you know them.


BOOM! This is where the marketing comes in. If one of your friends tells you to try this super cool product they bought last week, you will become interested in it and consider buying it (assuming you have the same interests). Same thing goes for the people you follow on Instagram. An influencer can post a live video on their Instagram story about how much they LOVE this new lamp in their living room. They may also add a swipe up link and offer a unique discount code. As the follower, you feel like you have a relationship with this influencer by seeing the inside of their home and their new lamp live on Instagram. You also trust this influencer because they always have super cute home décor and get thousands of likes—so it must be trendy, right? You’re probably sitting back and reading this article right now thinking, “wow I’m a victim of this, I would’ve bought the lamp.” It’s okay, it happens to all of us.


We’re all victims of this whether we realize it or not, and that is why influencer marketing is so efficient. A lot of people may think that Instagram marketing is just a “fad” but that isn’t the case. Instagram has an average of about 500 million active users a day, and the number just keeps growing. Instagram is crowded with influencers eager to promote your product and trust us, IT WORKS!!


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