If you feel like 2016 is passing by in the blink of an eye, you aren’t the only one. While 2016 has been jam packed with historic moments, massive victories and even greater losses, it was all over way too soon. It’s late November now, and after December is over 2017 is officially here. How will this New Year turn out? We don’t know – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already preparing for 2017 marketing calendars and trends.


In the world of higher education, winter break is on the way and a new spring term starts as early as mid-to-late January. This means the window of opportunity for higher education platforms to bring in new students for this upcoming spring season is closing every single day. The time to start appealing to the graduating class of 2016 is now.




Time Sensitive Marketing


Nothing makes someone sweat more than a time limit. Someone told to do something at their leisure will complete it as they please and with little to no nerves involved, and yet someone told to do the same thing in 60 seconds will likely be a nervous wreck. As humans, we feel put under pressure when we’re told something is time sensitive, and it makes our decision making faculties go into hyper drive.


This isn’t just a manipulation tactic – it’s reality. Just like higher education platform marketers have a certain amount of time to start rushing in new signups; those potential students have an equally large – or perhaps even smaller – window of opportunity to enroll. When you press the fact that time is ticking, they’ll start rolling in.


Analytics 2016: A Year in Hindsight


All businesses should walk down a marketing memory lane come late December. This sort of “year in review” activity can help a business assess their major successes and failures of the previous year in order to adjust their goals and strategies for the current one. Every piece of content or tweet that was sent out can’t be exactly duplicated for the current situation, but that’s where invention comes into play – be creative, and understand that attitudes can sometimes matter more than specifics.


Assess your higher education marketing with an analytic eye. Purposefully measure what content and marketing successes you performed earlier in the year and duplicate them as best as possible to push more students your way.


Make Things Personal


Nothing speaks to millennials (which will likely be your biggest audience) more than personalization. This is a generation that wants things their way, and if you won’t do it for them? Either they’ll find someone who will or do it themselves. Don’t give them any other options and cater to this mentality.


How do you do this? Personalize the entire enrollment and marketing experience as best as possible. Email marketing campaigns can easily be personalized with templates and services, and higher education apps with login features that save information are more convenient than boring, non-specific school websites.


Video Marketing


Finally, what better way to show off your higher education platform than with a video marketing presentation? Whether you’re working with a real life campus or a website-only program, video marketing is the way of the future – and you have cheap and easy-to-use content creation methods at your fingertips.


Many web only higher education platforms feel like they won’t benefit from video marketing campaigns because they don’t have picturesque campuses or shining dorms to show off, but that’s not the case. Imagine an infographic about how to use your education platform – now imagine it as a slightly animated video. Video content creators are out there right now, willing to make a great piece of content for your platform at an amazing price.


Just remember: while you obviously need to work a marketing angle based off of your education platform’s enrollment timeline, 2017 marketing isn’t going to be about completely reinventing the wheel. It’s forecasted that there will be a much bigger emphasis on customer (in this case, student) experience and customization, but you’ve been successful at getting in new students in the past. Do what works and you’ll be rewarded for it.


Looking for more marketing ideas for the New Year? Follow these strategies to learn how you can make your higher education marketing stand out, or feel free to contact us! We’re here to help.