As a business, it is crucial to keep a presence on social media to stay relevant to your market. Some businesses struggle with how to portray themselves. It’s always fun to use Instagram and Facebook to portray your cool culture, but it’s important to have a professional presence on LinkedIn as well. Using LinkedIn is a little different from other platforms and can sometimes be difficult, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Check out our 7 useful tips below to get started.


Tip #1:

Whenever you’re posting you must keep in mind that your account is like a “preview” of your business. Stay as professional as possible without boring your audience. A lot of recent college graduates begin their job search with LinkedIn and if your profile is poor, they may completely disregard you in the remainder of their job search.


Tip #2:

Frequently post content and interact with users. Like all other social media, posting often helps you remain relevant, and posting industry related content positions your business as a knowledge leader within your industry. Interacting with users and commenting on/sharing other industry related posts can increase engagement and reach.


Tip #3:

This one ties in with #2: Publish articles through LinkedIn. These articles should be industry related and educational. You want to keep your regular posts brief, so this is where you can include longer content. Writing articles builds credibility and these articles will rank higher if the topics are trending. Always remember that the main purpose of your content should be to help your audience!


Tip #4:

Although you are showcasing the skills of your businesses on your page, you are not promoting it. Remember that it is not a sales pitch!! You want engaging organic content, not content that will annoy your followers.


Tip #5:

Use your company logo for the profile photo so that users know they are on the legitimate page. Also, write an engaging summary to hook the users and feel free to incorporate keywords that relate to your business.


Tip #6:

Time out when you should post. Content that is posted before and after regular business hours often gets higher engagement. This can vary though, so be sure to track your analytics to see which posting times work best for you.


Tip #7:

Visual content is everything! Like all other social media, photos and videos have more engagement. Using charts and other visual tools when explaining a concept can help users digest information more easily. Videos are the fastest growing type of content and should be used as much as possible. Making informational videos related to your industry is a great way to increase engagement and credibility.


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