Are you looking into hotel digital marketing? Or maybe casino advertising? This month at the Digital Hyve, we chatted with Sarynna, a Senior Account Manager, and Alex, a Senior Digital Marketing Producer. They gave us their intel from working on campaigns for casinos, getaways, hotels, and more. Some of their clients include the Cooper Inn, Otesaga Hotel, Del Lago Hotel & Casino, and Cooperstown Getaway. Check out their advice below!


5 hospitality marketing tips & tricks

Each industry is unique. Whether you’re marketing a casino to millennials or a museum to a family, there are a lot of details to consider when putting together your marketing strategy. However, no matter what your destination, our team found five important factors to make sure your ads get clicks.

  1. Images are Key

One of the most important parts of a successful ad is the image used. Our team always recommends utilizing an image. Preferably a real photo, stock images do not produce the same results. If you really want to catch a user’s attention, real photos of people enjoying themselves at your destination is the way to go.


  1. Match the Season

Advertising an event for the Fourth of July? Looking to ramp up the number of visitors during the winter months? Make sure your ads match the season! The copy and the image should both reflect the time of year you are advertising for.


  1. Specials

What better way to catch a viewer’s eye than to offer them a discount? People often shy away from travel due to financial purposes. Discounts and specials attract attention and bring people back for more. Offering fun and a discount almost always leads to more clicks.


  1. Emojis

Travel is an outlet for fun, so what better way to keep copy light hearted and joyful than using emojis? It’s a simple tip, but it keeps it playful. Be sure not to overdo it though, one or two should do the trick.


  1. Sense of Urgency

Throw in some copy that gets your viewers moving. For example, saying things like “book now” or “don’t wait until they’re gone” quickly gets a viewer to your page. Call to actions like these keeps your promotion top of mind.


FAQs on Tourism Marketing Strategy


What are some industry specific challenges you face?

“Anyone can travel, so finding the right audience is a really important part of our advertising strategy.  We might need to target millennials, parents looking into family vacations, young couples on a honeymoon, or retirees looking for a weekend trip at the same location. Our biggest tip is to make sure targeting is not too broad. We add multiple layers, such as interests and behaviors, to ensure our ads are being shown to the correct audience.”


What do you find surprising about advertising for those in the hospitality industry?

“What caught our attention was the age of the audience. Our clients expected an older demographic to be the most responsive. However, millennials have been engaging much more with our ads. Traveling continues to increase in popularity within this demographic, but advertising to millennials can be tricky. Ads need to be tailored to their interests. You don’t want to show a picture of a family touring your getaway to a millennial, or you will quickly see a lower click through rate.”


What is the best part of marketing in the travel and tourism industry?

“Since the main focus is brand awareness, it leaves us a lot of room for creativity. There are no set standards or guidelines to follow, so we get to try new things. Plus, it’s fun to think about the experience we’re selling. We get to draw from our own memories and think about ourselves in the audience’s shoes.”


As a team, what is the most important thing to keep in mind?

“The industry is always changing so we frequently have to revisit our work and check in with one another. Plus, we draw ideas from our own vacations and experiences to keep the copy fresh and interesting.”


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