Tis the season for holiday drinks at Starbucks, cold weather, and an abundance of holiday themed social media posts. However, if you’re a content marketer, there’s something you may be forgetting: your social media marketing strategy. As Santa makes his ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ lists for the year, will your marketing strategies earn you a gift from your wish list, or land you a lump of coal?


Nice: Creating a Holiday Theme

Show off your brand personality and get your customers in the holiday spirit by giving your company a holiday theme! It can be as easy as writing a catchy subject line, creating a unique winter or holiday-themed design (cover banners!), or offering special holiday discounts through social posts. But remember, quality over quantity. No one likes an unexpected snow storm of content.


Naughty: Stuffing is for Turkeys       

Even though the holidays celebrate the “joy of giving,” there are still Scrooges out there in the business world. Be sure to incorporate fun, appropriate holiday themed content, but don’t go crazy with pushing sales. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is overwhelming their customers with holiday content. Don’t get me wrong – using cute reindeer puns will grab attention, but don’t let the festivities cloud your judgement. Even though it’s an exciting time of year, you should hold off on the personalized JibJab email carols to clients.  


Nice: All of the Other Reindeer (Involve Your Audience)

Considering the holiday season is one of the most saturated times of the year with ads, remember to make your company unique compared to others. It’s obviously one of the harder times of the year to catch consumer attention, so like Elf on a Shelf, your company should be working hard to “watch over” your consumers. Social media increases brand visibility, so be sure to actively engage with consumers by responding to reviews, posts, and comments, in addition to providing user-generated content. This will not only create personalized relationships, but exemplify that you’re listening to consumer needs. Especially around the holidays, consumers love to share their experiences via Internet, and according to a study by Baazarvoice, 84% of millennials shared that consumer-generated content has a huge influence on their perceptions about a brand or company. One great way to do this during the holiday season is by showcasing consumer stories, offering contests and giveaways!


Naughty: Going Hashtag Crazy

Though #hashtags are a ton of fun and are easy, helpful tools, stick to keeping it between 2 or 3 a post. If you do decide to get #decorative and #jolly this year, make sure to only use hashtags relevant to your business! Just like Santa, your consumers are always watching what/who you associate your business with. The more gifts the merrier though!


Nice: Holiday Action Plan

As the year is quickly coming to a close, your office workshop can get as disorganized and cluttered as your holiday decorations box (you know– the one you have to dig out of the basement every year). Make it a company tradition to get ahead of the game, and create an action plan for the New Year. This can range from crafting your marketing spending plan to creating a Holiday calendar. Think of it as your New Year’s Resolution-plan out everything you want to achieve.


One great way to get started on your marketing plan is through the use of micro-moments. According to google, micro-moments can help you identify what worked this year and what didn’t through the use of data mining and consumer feedback. Like all the leftover wrapping paper, find out what worked and repurpose your content in a different way.


In terms of your calendar, identify key dates/assets/resources that can be shared with all the departments of your company. That way, the start of the New Year can be fresh and up-to-date, skipping the frenzied period of catching up at work after holiday’s break.


Naughty: Don’t Be a Grinch!

The holidays are about forgiving too, so don’t forget to highlight other leaders in your industry that had a successful year. It will show clients you acknowledge other content that’s relevant to your business, and you can ring in the New Year with the right attitude!



If any of your strategies fell on the naughty list, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Santa always checks his list twice, and I heard he’s a very forgiving person.

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