The “Hyve” in our name is the Finnish word for virtue. We believe in acting virtuously with all the work that we do. Living up to this standard wouldn’t be possible without a crew of employees who believe in doing the right thing—every single time. Doing the right thing for our clients is at the cornerstone of everything that we do.


There’s a reason why our crew and our clients are important values of Digital Hyve: without our diverse crew of marketers, and the clients who are constantly inspiring us to be better every day, there would be no Digital Hyve. Our crew is important, and each member brings a different set of skills to the table while contributing to our company’s culture. We wouldn’t be able to develop measurable and meaningful results for our clients—or have the culture we do—without our employees.


Our Employee Spotlight Series will give you a glimpse of the people responsible for the meaningful work we do!


Introducing Dan, our Client Development Manager!


1.     What initially drew you to marketing? What brought you to Digital Hyve?

I love entrepreneurship and have always been fascinated by watching and helping businesses grow. Marketing and sales congruently drive the growth of a business. Marketing is the delicious bait that draws in the fish J.


The opportunity to directly impact the growth of a relatively young business and its culture is what drew me to Digital Hyve.


2.     Which of our values do you identify with the most and why? (DH Crew, Clients, Integrity, Passion, Better Every Day)

A mix between Integrity, Passion and Better Every Day because all three work in harmony to produce greatness. If you have passion, you will automatically drive yourself to be better every day (there’s absolutely no question), and without integrity you will not achieve sustainable greatness and growth.


3.     What does your day to day look like at Digital Hyve?

Building relationships and finding solutions to help others grow their business. This includes hammering out e-mails, making phone calls, attending meetings, etc.


4.     What type of marketing excites you? Why?

Guerilla marketing and motivational marketing. Anything that sells me on bettering myself. For example, Nike commercials. “Just do it” is such a simple slogan, yet has such a powerful message.


5.     The three best words to describe you?

Genuine, positive, and hardworking.


6.     One thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I have a passion for software development and taught myself how to program in python and swift. I’m also ambidextrous.


7.     Most people here would say you’re one of the most upbeat guys they know, but if you are having a bad day, what is one thing that’s guaranteed to cheer you up?

My daily routine and regime.


–       Gratitude journal every morning (3-things I’m grateful for)

–       10-minute meditation

–       Motivational video (if I have enough time and don’t accidentally fall asleep during my meditation)


–       Reading

–       Coding

–       10-minute meditation

–       Phone call with my mom (not every night, but some nights)


8.     What do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside of work when you’re not crushing the sales calls and racking up points at the company ping pong table?

Reading, coding (I’m currently developing an iPhone app), watching ping pong tutorial videos/highlights, hanging out with family, exercising, and meditating.


9.     What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

“Two important keys to life: perception and awareness.” – Dad

“Be you.” – Anthony DeMario

“People over profit.”

“Always find a way to add value.”


10.  What would you list as the top 3 highlights of your life so far?

1)    Hanging out with my family (family memories).

2)    Winning $5,000 in a business competition for my startup at SU.

3)    Learning how to program web/iPhone apps.



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