The “Hyve” in our name is the Finnish word for virtue. We believe in acting virtuously with all the work that we do. Living up to this standard wouldn’t be possible without a crew of employees who believe in doing the right thing—every single time. Doing the right thing for our clients is at the cornerstone of everything that we do.


There’s a reason why our crew and our clients are important values of Digital Hyve: without our diverse crew of marketers, and the clients who are constantly inspiring us to be better every day, there would be no Digital Hyve. Our crew is important, and each member brings a different set of skills to the table while contributing to our company’s culture. We wouldn’t be able to develop measurable and meaningful results for our clients—or have the culture we do—without our employees.


Our Employee Spotlight Series will give you a glimpse of the people responsible for the meaningful work we do!


Introducing Ashley, our Creative Project Manager!


1.     What initially drew you to marketing? What brought you to Digital Hyve?

Marketing is the perfect blend of my design & psychology background and my desire to help people in some way – plus, my weak stomach sort of crushed my childhood dream of being a doctor. The culture and values of Digital Hyve aligned perfectly with what I had been seeking in my career, and the integrity and passion behind the work we do is inspiring every day.


2.     Which of our values do you identify with the most and why? (DH Crew, Clients, Integrity, Passion, Better Every Day)

For me it all starts with passion. If you’re passionate about your work and your goals, you’ll simply be a better co-worker, employee, and trusted resource for your clients.


3.     What does your day to day look like at Digital Hyve?

While each day is different, you can consistently find me coming up with creative strategies, designing, and managing projects from beginning to end. I work closely with the creative, account, and management teams as well as directly with our clients to ensure our quality never waivers and the creative department runs smoothly.


4.     What type of marketing excites you? Why?

Guerrilla marketing – that shock factor and element of surprise tends to stick with you.


5.     The three best words to describe you?

Goofy, Driven, Creative.


6.     Your love of donuts, and donut themed objects, is well known here. Other than good taste, did anything specific kick off the craze?

Other than the heavenly taste, I really appreciate the creativity that goes into donuts nowadays. Seeing the market shift towards unusual flavor combinations and a more thoughtful presentation has been the driving factor behind my obsession. They’re tasty little art projects!


7.     What started you on the design path? Have you always had a knack for creativity?

I’ve been drawing and coloring since I can remember, but I really fell in love with fine art in high school – charcoal was my jam. I had a great art teacher and supportive parents that encouraged me to follow my path since that whole doctor thing didn’t work out. In college, I was able to explore more types of creative where I fell in love with traditional 35mm photography and print design, while also being able to pursue both psychology and business strategy and apply them to my design & thought process.


8.     Who is someone you look up to and why?


My Oma (grandma). She emigrated from the Netherlands in her 20’s as a widow with 5 kids and inspired a pack of strong women in our family. She was a bad-ass with a heart of gold that taught me to stand up for myself and love unconditionally.


9.     One thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

While I have very little coordination or sports ability, I’m surprisingly good at badminton.


10.  What would you list as the top 3 highlights of your life so far?

–       Winning a Gold ADDY at the American Advertising Awards in Rochester for my design & illustration.

–       Getting a job at Digital Hyve (duh) and moving to Syracuse.

–       Seeing James Bay perform in Boston with my boyfriend (I cried, he did not).


Looking for more behind the scenes moments? Check out our blog for more employee spotlight posts! Have a marketing idea you’d like to discuss? Feel free to contact us! We’re all about creating meaningful and measurable results so you can give your customers the best brand experience.