I thought it was going to be a normal night in my Social Media in the Organization class at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies – until I walked in and saw that we had a substitute teacher. Sarynna was social media savvy, smart, funny, and kind. She taught the class with ease and made the lecture exciting, and then talked a little bit about her background. Her job? Account Manager at the Digital Hyve.


One Foot in the Door

When Sarynna mentioned that Digital Hyve was hiring interns, I was quick to introduce myself to her after class. A few emails, a phone interview, and a panel interview later, I was preparing for my first day of my last semester of college, and for a brand-new internship experience on the Account Services team at Digital Hyve. I didn’t know just how rewarding the experience would be, but I am so thankful to Sarynna for opening the doors to DH and a world of opportunity and experiences.


Enjoy the Playlist

One of the best surprises at Digital Hyve is their undeniably fun office culture. Most agencies love to tout about being fun places to work, but I really felt the creativity, friendship, and fun that make Digital Hyve so unique. Being able to learn something new and listen to early 2000s jams on the speakers while doing it? That’s special.


Do it All! Learning and Growing Through Projects

I was so lucky to experience and work on a large variety of projects during my time at Digital Hyve. Whether it was researching hundreds of micro-influencers for a new whiskey campaign, sitting in research meetings looking for campaign insights, or earning certifications through Google Analytics & Google Ads, I got to soak in a ton of new information in my short time at the agency. My favorite project was a surprise, too. In a weekly account services meeting, we were thinking of ways to use mapping apps like Waze to increase traffic to local businesses. Suddenly, I was challenged to become the gas apps expert. After weeks of research and planning, I was able to come up with some strong support for using gas apps in campaigns. I was so proud to be able to have an impact on projects as an intern. In a semester of learning to become more confident in my work, it was just what I needed.


Rolling With the Punches and Problem-Solving on the Spot

When I got to DH, I learned very quickly just how fast-paced the world of digital marketing can be. My past internship and classroom experiences were centered around months-long planning and prepping. At DH, I learned how to plan and problem-solve in a smaller window. Not only did this help me professionally, it helped me personally. After a couple weeks, I was learning how to better balance tasks in my internship and in my life outside of the office!


My Advice: Say Yes to Every Opportunity!

I never knew what my day-to-day at DH would look like, and that was so much of what made it amazing. Any time someone asked if I’d be interested in a new project, I said yes. That made it all the more rewarding. I got to work with a lot of different people on a lot of unique projects in my short three months. If you’re thinking of interning at DH… 1. Do it. 2. Say yes to everything! You can only grow.


Thank you, DH, for a semester of growth, fun, and awesome music.


– Michael