At the Hyve, we work hard to provide real results for our clients and there’s nothing more rewarding than being recognized for what we can deliver. Especially when Facebook is the one recognizing us. Yes. THE Facebook! We are excited to announce Digital Hyve has been featured as a Success Story, which highlights how we leverage the platform to deliver the best possible ROI for our clients. HUGE shout out to our clients del Lago Resort & Casino and The Otesaga Resort Hotel for letting us execute cutting edge strategies and feature them in our case study.


By staying on top of the latest trends, and always challenging ourselves to be better every day, we are able to deliver real results that are impactful. Facebook recognized us for finding success in creating lookalike audiences from clients’ most valuable customers, which doubled monthly bookings for Otesaga Resort Hotel, and grew membership sign-ups for del Lago by 56% in just one month! Read here to learn more about the innovative strategies driving these campaigns.


Behind these cutting-edge strategies are the Digital Hyve crew who worked diligently to optimize campaigns and drive these impressive results. Here’s what they had to say about the experience:


“It was rewarding to see the high quality of traffic and the resulting engagement that stemmed from this unique approach. We were able to reach highly interested potential customers for our clients, who were responding well to the ads, offers, and site content, as well as completing calls to action at an impressive rate.” – Said, Tommy Lenkiewicz the Digital Marketing Analyst who helped dive in and provide opportunities for campaign improvements.


The results of these case studies are not only a testament of what we do at Digital Hyve, but also reflect the trust our clients have in us by letting us test out innovative strategies to help better their business Said, Sarynna Servello, Senior Account Manager who helped build the relationships and trust with our clients who let us test out these strategies.


These successes don’t come from just one individual, there are a lot of people that contribute to one client. It’s always a team effort and that is something that says a lot about Digital Hyve. We all work hard together to find success for clients, no matter what it takes” – Said, Alex McEachron, Senior Digital Marketing Producer who handled all campaign set up and optimization, and helped with the transition to the successful conversion strategies.


We are so proud and grateful to be among an elite group of agencies & businesses that are featured right on Facebook’s website! The Digital Hyve crew will continue to bring forward creative ideas to our clients that generate massive returns on their investments! To read more about this Success Story and the other successful metrics that these clients saw, click here.


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