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about keith betz

Helping people and clients grow. That’s what Keith is all about. As President of Digital Hyve, Keith makes sure #bettereveryday is more than our mantra. He makes it a reality for our business, our people, and our clients. Prior to joining Digital Hyve, Keith spent more than two decades in marketing, working with world-class brands like Fannie Mae, Kodak, and Bausch + Lomb. From helping lead Butler/Till to the MM+M Agency 100 List for six consecutive years to being an Effie Health finalist, Keith has plenty to be proud of. But few things compare to the 3,000% growth (not a typo) he helped bring to Butler/Till’s healthcare group in just eight years.

When he’s not leading the way at the office, you’ll find Keith racing around the track at Watkins Glen, getting lost in a history book, or performing as lead singer in his band: Space Octopus. Hey, we said he’s good at leading, not coming up with band names