The Digital Hyve prides itself on constant growth, inspired by our motto “Better Every Day”. We work year-round to be the best for ourselves, our clients, one another, and the community. This month we would like to share some tips that have contributed to Digital Hyve’s success! In this fast-paced world, it can be hard to separate minutes from hours, Mondays from Thursdays, and appointments from celebrations. Time management can be a challenge while in the office or even in your personal day-to-day. Below are simple tips to make life a little more time efficient!



Often our brains are at full capacity. Make life easier by taking away the stress of a mental check list. Planners, note books, cellphones, and technology are great tools to keep track of your tasks and appointments, especially for those who need help organizing their workload. Writing down your day can help you stay on schedule and lowers the risk of overbooking.



It can be difficult to be honest with yourself when it comes to finding a balance between your workload and free time. Mostly because we want to get a lot done! Keeping a record of how much time reoccurring tasks take can help you realistically plan your day.  Take a look at the clock or find helpful resources such as digital and physical timers. There are plenty of free resources that can be found on the internet or in phone applications too!



Take time in the morning to organize the resources you need to complete your “to-dos” throughout the day. Adding another task to your list may seem contradictory, however, knowing your needs lowers the risk of unforeseen issues and can help you obtain your resources in a more time efficient manner.



Our world is full of distractions, so it’s important to stay on task! Looking at social media, staring at the T.V., or even reading mindless content can knock you off focus. If you compile the amount of time spent on these distractions, it would most likely be more than you’re willing to forfeit every day. Find a quiet place if you need to get things done or create your own with headphones. Place your phone in view for important calls and emails, but stay task-focused first! Staying in the zone will free up your time and help you use it more wisely.



Managing time means weighing your “wants” verses your “needs”. To achieve your goals, it is important to prioritize. Put your responsibilities first! But, don’t forget, it is vital to make time for yourself. Take the time now for a better later!


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