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Our crew is the heart and soul of our agency. Meet our team of digital marketers, strategists, analysts, creatives, researchers, and more.

Hellbent on helping you grow

Nothing is more satisfying than helping our clients grow their businesses. We’re honored to have done just that for many incredible brands.

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Digital Hyve is a full-service digital marketing agency on a mission to help businesses grow through measurable results that matter. We are 100% employee-owned, women-owned, a certified B Corporation, and backed by a purpose-driven enterprise: Butler/Till.

We owe everything to our dedicated crew of digital marketers who work with a “client first” mentality. They are the primary driving force behind our successes including being featured on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Agencies for four consecutive years.

We fervently believe in standing by our ideals as marketers and as ambassadors for our clients’ brands. We don’t just get “clicks on a website.” We invest our clients’ advertising budgets with a targeted and measurable approach, optimizing campaigns to get real business results. Our highest goal is to provide a return that is greater than our clients’ investment.

Also, we know you’re wondering, Hyve isn’t just a cute spelling. Like everything we do, there’s meaning behind it. ‘Hyve’ is the Finnish word for “virtue” and serves as a reminder of the core tenets of our agency: integrity and client satisfaction.