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your traditional agency's nerdy sibling

digitally native digital marketers

Our crew is the heart and soul of our agency. Meet our team of digital marketers, strategists, analysts, creatives, researchers, and more.

Hellbent on helping you grow

Nothing is more satisfying than helping our clients grow their businesses. We’re honored to have done just that for many incredible brands.

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better every day

created for transparency

Our founders, Jeff and Jake, saw that marketing had a transparency problem. Too many clients didn’t know precisely where their dollars were going or what results they were truly getting. So Jeff, a marketing-obsessed skateboarder and former TV exec teamed up with Jake, a nationally recognized SEO specialist, to create an agency that did things differently. An agency with a modern, digital-first approach to marketing that’s grounded in numbers, optimized through measurable results, and always as transparent as humanly possible.

always true to our name

Our name is no coincidence. "Hyve" which means "virtue" in Finnish is both a nod to Jeff's family background, and more important, a guiding principle in everything we do. From being open and honest with our clients to treating our crew like family, we believe our role as an agency is to do right by all those we work with and for.

BTW "Hyve" is technically pronounced "hooovay." But we all stick with the easier pronunciation.