Not every business has a global reach. While some business owners constantly chase the dream of wanting to be globally recognized, other businesses have a much more specific audience in mind. Sometimes it’s even a question of appeal — some businesses benefit from smaller audience pools, while others can market to almost every person on the planet.


Niche businesses, of course, have smaller markets. They fulfill a very specific need or offer services that only a small market could find valuable. Is this a bad idea? No — despite the customer pool being small, niche businesses often find that their audience is one that is loyal and devoted.


However, the problem arises when a niche business needs to connect with that audience in the first place. They can’t develop a loyal following because they don’t have a following to speak of. While there are some tricks to niche marketing, it’s not as hard as you might think.



1. Highlight Your Value


The great thing about owning a niche business is your chances of competition are very low. In this world, there are typically a handful of companies that exist to meet these specific needs, and sometimes there really is only one business out there providing that service.


It’s important for niche businesses to really drive home the fact that they’re one in a million. If you’re the only person who owns a business in your area that focuses on animal manicures, stress that you really are the ONLY business. You’re offering a rare service that no one else is bringing to the table. Essentially, customers can choose you or they can choose no service at all.


2. Focus on Commitment


Most people who own a niche business use it as their passion project — it’s not about money, but instead about meeting the needs of a community they appreciate and trust. Similarly, the niche community in question is likely also passionate about their small hobby or subculture. This isn’t a game of building a long list of customers, but instead ensuring that the few customers you do find stay loyal to you.


These loyal customers want to support people who support them. When you identify with who they are and the purpose behind your business, they’ll stay customers for as long as your doors are open (figuratively or literally).


3. “Who am I Even Connecting With?”


Ask yourself this question before ever committing to niche marketing. In fact, you may not even realize that your audience isn’t as niche as you thought it was unless you consider this idea. Who you want to connect with can define the direction of your business, and thus it defines how you market.


When it comes to niche business avenues, it’s important that you understand who the community is as a whole. Is it a community that’s private and discreet, like fetishists? Are you simply catering to a very specific community, like underground comic book collectors? Knowing who you want to connect with can allow you to better understand how to market to them.


4. Know Their Hangouts


A niche market business has the potential to have a much more visible business as compared to other mass-appeal businesses. How? Imagine you need someone to be an on-site wig stylist for your fantasy roleplay convention. You type in those search terms and only a handful of results pop up. Need a local dog groomer? Type that into your search bar and see how many pages of options you get.


However, it’s only possible to get this kind of niche market visibility when you make your presence known. It’s not enough to simply exist — that leaves your connections up to happenstance. The community that will most benefit from your services will likely gravitate to one social network or online forum. Utilize that as your marketing hub.


5. Embrace “Word of Mouth”


Finally, niche communities are very passionate about their purpose, hobby or focus. When a business exists that caters to their needs, they’re very likely to tell other community members that they’ve found a business that is aligned with their own purpose.


This type of “word of mouth” marketing may not be verbal in nature, but it does help niche businesses take off via customers interacting with each other. When niche business community members connect with each other, they’re much more likely to connect with you.


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